Poor sleeping habits can increase stroke risk: Study

poor sleep

New numbers shows that poor sleep habits can lead to a greater risk of stroke, along with a number of other health problems.

While there’s been numerous studies on the health risks posed by inadequate sleep, a new study out of Ireland found that five sleep symptoms in particular lead to a higher risk of stroke. These include snoring, snorting, tossing and turning, waking during the night and sleeping too little or too much.

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22News spoke with Baystate Health neurologist Dr. Karin Johnson who further explained the effects of these sleep symptoms, “There’s a lot of impact on the health of our vessels, that can get damaged. Especially sleep disorders like sleep apnea can raise high blood pressure, can increase cholesterol and all these things over time can lead to more strokes, more heart attacks.”

Dr Johnson recommends addressing what’s known as your ‘sleep hygiene’ by:

  • Avoiding alcohol, nicotine or other stimulants before bed
  • Consistency in your bedtime routine
  • Sleeping in dark, quiet and slightly cool conditions, avoiding electronics and bright lights in the evening

If you struggle with a combination of sleep issues, you’re encouraged to seek care from your doctor.

Source: WWLP-22News

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