RU students set fire to logs on railway tracks


The rail communication between Rajshahi and Dhaka remains suspended after a group of students of Rajshahi University set fire to logs on two separate railway tracks in the district tonight following yesterday’s clash between students and locals.

Rajshahi Railway Station Manager Abdul Karim confirmed the matter to our Rajshahi staff correspondent.

Around 8:00pm, the students set fire to the rail line near Charukola point, adjacent to Rajshahi University Railway Station, the station manager said.

The clashes took place in the city’s Binodpur area near the university campus last evening, leaving more than 220 people injured.

Abdul Karim said the students placed tree trunks at two points on the railway line and set those on fire.

Rajshahi-bound Madhumati Express got stranded at Haryana Railway Station following the incident, he said.

Besides, Banglabandha Express, which was scheduled to depart from Rajshahi at 9:15 pm, also got stuck at Rajshahi Railway Station.

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