Railway ticket purchase for NID mandatory


The government launched a new train ticket sales system requiring registration with either a national ID or birth certificate on Wednesday, Mar 1, 2023. The system prohibits the use of tickets purchased using someone else’s national ID or birth certificate.

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Three new rules have been taken to improve train service. They are-

1. Online and offline ticket sales will need National Identity (NID) verification starting 1 March.
2. A Point of Sales (PoS) machine will be used in the ticket-checking procedure.
3. An online refund option will be there for tickets purchased online.


◘ Old accounts: If a user has an old account, they will have to log into it, provide their NID number and birth date, and send it for verification. If the information is properly entered, it will be verified.

◘ For new accounts: A new user must go to the railway website or use the app to sign up by providing the required information. They can also register by SMS. To do so, they must send a text with BR <space> NID number <space> and birth date to 26969.


◘ Passengers aged 12 to 18 can buy tickets using the names of their mother and father and their national ID numbers. To verify the passenger’s identity, they will have to carry a copy of their birth certificate when they travel.

◘ When uploading their birth certificates, passengers between the ages of 12 and 18 can open their own accounts and purchase tickets using it.

◘ Foreign nationals must register by using their passport number and uploading a passport photo.

◘ All passengers must carry a copy of their NID, birth certificate, passport, or other photo identification.

◘ A user with an account can buy up to four tickets at once. In such cases, only the person who purchased the ticket must carry their identification.

◘ If a passenger’s ticket does not match their identification, they will be considered to have travelled without a ticket and action will be taken accordingly.

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