Most primary teachers yet to get training


Most of the primary teachers were yet to get full training for implementing the new national school curriculum, which came into effect in January.

An official of the primary and mass education ministry said that different training, including online ones, for teachers, were ongoing.

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Within this year, all 6.52 lakh teachers under 25 categories of primary level schools and other educational institutes would get training to implement the new curriculum, he said.

On September 13, 2021, prime minister Sheikh Hasina approved the new national school curriculum, which was scheduled to be introduced to classes I and II at the primary level and to classes VI and VII at the secondary level in 2023.

The plan was later revised, and accordingly, the new curriculum has been introduced to classes I, VI, and VII this year.

In order to ensure proper implementation of the new curriculum, earlier decisions were taken to train the teachers for all the intended classes.

The Directorate of Primary Education’s director for training, Uttam Kumar Das, told New Age on February 28 that when the new curriculum was approved, the process to implement it began.

‘Many of our teachers have already been trained, and we have prepared master trainers for the pre-primary level,’ he said.

He mentioned that, until February 28, 1.17 lakh primary teachers got the online training and 1.31 lakh teachers got the subject-based training for mathematics, English, and science for implementing the curriculum in 2024 and 2025.

Training for the Bangla subject is ongoing, while training for all 6.52 lakh teachers under 25 categories of primary level schools and other educational institutes would be concluded by this year for implementing the curriculum, he continued.

The director also said that training, including online training, was ongoing for all these teachers.

The primary and mass education ministry was scheduled to hold a trial of the new curriculum in 2022 for Class I students in 100 primary schools and the education ministry for Class VI students in 100 secondary institutions, including madrassahs and technical schools.

But the primary education ministry could not conduct the pilot in 2022, and now it plans to conduct the pilot in some selected schools this year while running the new curriculum in full swing for Class I

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