Apu calls Bubly indecent


Apu Biswas and Shobnom Bubly, the two popular actresses of Dhakai cinema, are not stopping their heated conversations over Shakib Khan. The two are ex-wives of Shakib Khan and mothers of the actor’s two sons. The relationship between the two actresses is like the extreme enemy. They are talking about various issues of their personal life centered on the hero.

Bubly came up with a lot of information about Shakib Khan’s personal life on private television on Eid. Once said, ‘Legally I am still the legal wife of Shakib Khan. We have not officially separated, but are living separately. Bubly and Bir meet Apu-Joy when they go to Shakib’s house. Once Bubly was spending time in the room with Bir and Shakib, when Apu came with Joy. After that, Apu Biswas told a different story to the media in a counter reply.

In a television interview, Apu Biswas told Bubly is a famous actress, so why is her speech so vulgar? When I came into the cinema, there was a trend of profanity in Dhallywood. I was able to stop it after starting acting in film. I too wear a veil with a lehenga.

Apu also said that the famous heroine is taking me back to the era of vulgarity. But I don’t want to give all the explanations. Because this is not my family’s education.

Shakib Khan has been in discussion for his personal life for several years because of his two ex-wives– Apu Biswas and Shobnom Bubly. On the other hand, Shakib is busy acting after parting with his ex-wives. He is also carrying out all the responsibilities of two children, Abram and Shehzad. It is heard that Shakib’s family is looking for a bride for marriage.

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